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The Nation: Thailand shows good potential as top auto producer

Since the Federation of Thai Industries expects the production of vehicles to hit 2.5 million units by 2016, Frederico Gil Sander, a World Bank economist based in Bangkok, said yesterday that it was very likely that Thailand would become one of the top 10 auto producers in the world.
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Bangkok Post: Abhisit applauds local automobile industry

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva yesterday praised the growth of the local auto industry at the Thailand International Motor Expo but remained non-committal about government policy towards the sector. Suparat: Thailand to be a top-10 maker Suparat Sirisuwannangkul, chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries' automobile club, said automobile production is poised to grow from 990,000 units in 2009 to 1.6 million this year, making the country the 13th-largest auto manufacturer.