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Ford expands with $ 450M facility

Ford Motor Co. said it will build a $450 million car factory in Thailand, its first wholly owned plant in the country, undeterred by fatal anti-government protests in Bangkok earlier this year.

Kingdom 'could be among ten top automakers' by 2014

Wallop Tiasiri, Director Thai Automotive Institute noted that one major hindrance blocking Thailand from this achievement is the labour shortage. To accommodate the higher capacity, the industry will need an additional 150,000 workers, he said….

After the institute's board meeting, chaired by Industry Permanent Secretary Witoon Simachokdee, Wallop said yes'terday that there was a consen'sus that the automotive industry will show continued expan\sion. While the capacity will rise to 2.95 million units in 2014, the actual output will hit 2.1 million, thanks to the invest'ment in five ecocar projects as well as expansion of other projects.

Aapico revs up China expansion: Target set to triple revenue in three years

The SET-listed automotive parts maker Aapico Hitech Plc (AH) is planning a major expansion in China as it seeks to increase its revenue from the mainland to 3 billion baht in three years from the current 800 million.

GM, Carmakers Expand in Thailand as Unrest Fails to Dent Growth


General Motors Co. boosted vehicle sales in Thailand 62 percent in April as political unrest failed to dent rising demand fueled by the nation’s growing economy.

Thai Parts makers wooed to set up local bases

Bangkok Post article via American Chronicle:

The Thailand Automotive Institute plans roadshows to invite foreign parts manufacturers to use Thailand as a production base in an attempt to reduce parts imports by 80% within five years, says director Wallop Tiasiri.