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10 Rules for Successful Outsourcing Relationships

“History shows that great economic and social forces flow like a tide over communities only half conscious of what is befalling them. Wise statesmen foresee what time is thus bringing, and try to shape institutions and mould men's thoughts and purposes in accordance with the change that is silently coming one. The unwise are those who bring nothing to the process, and who greatly imperil the future of mankind by leaving great questions to be fought out between ignorant change on one hand and ignorant opposition to change on the other.” - John Stuart Mill

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BANGKOK POST: Malaysia's auto revival 'no threat'

The local automobile industry is unconcerned by the Malaysian government's bid to unseat Thailand as Southeast Asia's manufacturing hub for the sector, says the Thailand Automotive Institute.

Malaysia's auto industry is still a long way behind Thailand's, said Vallop Tiasiri, the director of the TAI.

Kuala Lumpur yesterday announced a decision to resume issuing carmaking licences with an aim to spur investment and employment. It will also seek a strategic partner to revive its national car company, Proton Holdings Bhd.

Malaysia opens up auto sector to woo investors

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—Malaysia unveiled plans Wednesday to open up its auto sector, including allowing 100 percent foreign ownership and offering a 10-year tax break for carmakers to produce hybrid and electric vehicles as it seeks to catch up with Thailand as a regional auto hub.


Bangkok Post: B1bn firm to target US auto parts market

A Thai-owned auto parts distributor in the United States will join with Thai aftermarket auto-parts producers to set up a holding company worth 1 billion baht to purchase 30 auto repair centres in the US within two years.

The move is part of a strategy by the Cluster of Thai Automotive Parts to expand its members' markets to improve industry performance when local demand is weak because of the slump in vehicle sales and production.

"We have been trying to enter the US market for more than 10 years, but were unsuccessful because we didn't use the right channels," said Samart Deebhijarn, the president of the cluster.

REUTERS: ASEAN gearing up to be global green auto hub

HUA HIN, Thailand (Reuters) - Southeast Asia is gearing up to become a global hub for the production and sale of environmentally friendly cars, a Thai deputy cabinet minister said on Thursday.

"What you pay is what you get" – but then .... sometimes not

Wrapped in the psychedelic surroundings of the Fillmore Room at the HARD ROCK HOTEL, a strong audience of 20+ AFG members and guests enjoyed a thorough and creative panel discussion on the in and outs of logistics.

Senior speakers from DHL, Katoen Natie, CEVA Logistics and VPack & Move explained the several levels of logistics services – the higher the level, the higher the integration with the customers business processes.

The feedback and discussion was very interesting, with logistics specialists from GM and Michelin actively involved.

A main point was the creation of "shared services" so we don't have 2 half empty truck carrying goods from the same A to the same B at the same time.

An excellent session sure to benefit everyone in the audience.

After the meeting, most of the participants enjoyed a beer and roast pig at the joint German and British Chamber function in the Hard Rock Cafe.

AFGMeeting November

AFG Meeting Information for November 2009:

Date: Friday, 13 November 2009
Time: 17.00 - 18.30
Location: dusitD2 baraquda pattaya

Speakers: Representing GM and AAT

* Thailand outlook for of the auto industry in 2010 and beyond?
* What segments of the Auto Industry may see growth and what may see reduction?
* New regulations if any on export that will impact suppliers?
* What is the take on OEM and supplier relationship in these difficult times?
* Do the manufacturers expect hard negotiations this year and what should suppliers and public be ready for?

To book this meeting, please contact:
Maurice Bromley

Forging Meeting Summary

James Beeson provided this summary of the Forging Sector Meeting from 14 October 2009. It contains market analysis and forecast data - check it out: